Vision Art Festival / Save Soil campaign (2022) – Soylent Green:

Artwork for Save Soil campaign in collaboration with Vision Art Festival —  without soil our food looks like Soylent Green!!

Stadtturm Baden :

The Stabdtturm is historic landmark in Baden city and its considered as gate of Baden city. The artwork is created for FOIFVIER depicting the history of Baden city. The fun part of this artwork is all the important places in Baden are written in bubble font but without any spacing or break in between the letters so one can stand and solve the puzzle of finding the names of landmarks.

Turaco :

Turaco is National Bird of Switzerland which I painted at Laupen for practicing photorealism 

Four year birthday Jam for Walls Street Geneva :

The theme was life and science so I chose to paint a single cell organelle as life on earth began with single cell and couple of antiviruses and antigen showing good fighting the bad.

Stucki Jam Basel :

The theme was life and science so I chose to paint a single cell organelle as life on earth began with single cell and couple of antiviruses and antigen showing good fighting the bad.

Brownie :

Brownie is part of one truth family and such a sweet boy who stole my heart in very first meeting so when we were painting together I couldn’t think of any better subject than Brownie
Had amazing painting session with One Truth Brothers and lot of learning. 

The Largest Paradise Flycatcher (2019)(India) :

This 80 feet tall Paradise flycatcher mural is the one the tallest murals in Mumbai created – during Ladies First Street Art Festival.My interview can be found in the ‘Press‘ section of this site

Just A New Paintjob:

Certain industrialists in India (SJ Construction Pvt.) are open to artistically changing their brand image. I saw it fitting to give one of their cement trucks a new, Shirin-style paintjob.

Lynx Boreal (2021)(Switzerland) :

Collaboration with artist Gaspard Louane. Lynx Boreal is a beautiful wild cat reintroduced to Jura mountains of Switzerland and France in 2007. The Lynx Boreal is still an actively conserved specials of lynxes.

Sowing Seeds:

These two artworks were created during Sowing Seeds International Village Art Residency Program 2018 in Rajasthan (India)

I stayed on the outskirts of Rajasthan, staying at “Kalloro ki dhani” located 12-15km from Jaisalmer. This artwork was inspired after my interactions with the local women who wanted women-friendly toilets deep within the farmlands where they worked. I hope to empower these women to at least freely use toilets (without having to return to their home) by making them more inviting and less ‘bland’; and also spread the message of ‘women empowerment’.

Meow in Matheran:

Matheran is one of the most popular hill-stations in the state of Maharastra (India). This project was done during the ‘Matheran Green Festival’ where supplies were very limited in the mountains. All I was given was white paint – so I had to be creative. I am particularly happy with this artwork because I made something with whatever I had

Caracal (2018):

I created this mural at the entrance of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary (Rajasthan, India).  The Caracal symbolizes human encroachment on these forest/wildlife reserves; as the Caracal was commonly found. 
The Indian Wildlife Board is working to save the Caracal, and this work was sanctioned by the the Environmental Artist residency

Distance Neighbors:

This artwork is part of the “Distant Neighbors” project leaded by Photographer Micha Ende, painted at Mood Indigo Festival ,IIT Bombay 2017

The women portrayed here are actually waste-pickers (those who pick street waste), and it was their family “tradition” to be in this profession. They were happy and proud of their service to keep their city clean.

Healing Himalayas 

Pride Of Shillong (2018):

The Clouded leopard is only found in a narrow area bordering Shillong (India) and China. It is also the state animal of Meghalaya. This artwork was done as part of the Shillong Street Art festival

Leopards Resting :

Artwork done for a local lodge in the beautiful hill station of Mukteshwar  (Uttarakhand State). Leopards are quite common in this area and they surprisingly peacefully co-exist with the locals. They are also popular with the tourists.

Big Cat Cube:

Snow Leopard :

Village lifestock:

This was a passion project done in the farmlands of Konkan (Mahrashtra, India). Most of the villages have cows and chickens, so I chose these every-day birds. The ‘blue’ cow is the mother, and the ‘brown’ is the calf. Interestingly, the villagers were even able to recognise which cows I had portrayed! (they weren’t sure about the chicken, but neither was I)

Happy Childhood :

A passion project done for the school children who study in the public-sector schools of India

The ResQ:

ResQ is an charity-organization that rescues neglected or injured animals, pets, and even wildlife. These are portrays of animals in “animal hospice”, that we wanted the capture before their proverbial journey to animal-heaven.